Micky Hoogendijk

Museum Jan van der Togt in Amstelveen presents from 14 April until 9 July 2017 a retrospective exhibition of Dutch fine art photographer Micky Hoogendijk. The exhibition ‘Through the Eyes of Others’ shows portraits reflecting the concealed vulnerability and beauty of people. Simultaneously Micky launches her first photo book and exhibits in the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam.

In 2009, Micky Hoogendijk received a last gift from her ailing mother: a professional still camera. This present would change her life forever. In 2010 she moved to Los Angeles and discovered her gift for creating artistic portraits. In Micky’s own words: “Through the eyes of others I see me.”

Micky Hoogendijk’s work is characterized by sharp iconic images that deeply touch your soul. The starting point of her work is an encounter, dream or object that culminates in an explosion of ideas. Recurring themes are religion, society, androgyny and mythology.

Art has always been an essential part of Micky Hoogendijk (Amsterdam, 1970). She comes from an art family and grew up in an international art scene and spent years in front of the camera as an actress and model. Micky has also been business partner of postmodern artist Rob Scholte and creative director of Supperclub.

The autonomous work of Micky Hoogendijk has been showcased at exhibitions in Austin, Bogota, Cologne, Houston, Istanbul, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Santa Fe, Tokyo and Washington. In The Netherlands Eduard Planting Gallery presents her work at art fairs like PAN Amsterdam, Rotterdam Contemporary and Art Amsterdam.

It’s possible to purchase the book ‘Through the Eyes of Others, I see me’ in de museum giftstore. Price: 24,99 euro.

After months of collaborating with a great team from publisher Terra Lannoo, Yvonne Twisk and book designer Bureau van der Tooren, Micky Hoogendijk is very proud to announce the launch of her first photographic art book Micky Hoogendijk “Through The Eyes Of Others, I see me”.

The book explains her work method and creative inspiration. It contains 148 pages with her photographic art work from the past four years, an introduction by her Dutch Gallery Eduard Planting, an essay by photo-critique Pim Milo and some loving quotes by renounced photographer Terry O’Neill, author Robert Greene and fashion designer Stephen MacMillian Moser.

“Through The Eyes Of Others, I see me” is an ode to her late mother who started this journey by giving Micky her last gift: a camera.

“I believe every artist has one story to tell, but that
doesn’t mean the story will always look the same. The
story is told through the arc of our work. That is where
you can see through our obsessions, you can see the
fears, the desires, the cornerstones of our story.”

Micky Hoogendijk